Pixel MakeUp Factory

without a doubt, you are not here by chance

What we can do for you

Our company, composed solely of senior experts in computer vision, offers its know-how to any partner who needs R&D activities around image pipelines, whether it is a temporary reinforcement of R&D or a complete project.

We invite you to look at the following project which illustrates well what we can do for you.

We are proud of our history

We are the sum of past experiences, successes achieved, challenges we have overcome, but also lessons learned from our failures.

Come and discover some milestones in our history, which today allows us to bring you a range of diverse expertise and to build a path together toward results in a serene way.

We work differently !

In any entrepreneurial adventure, there is what we do, our expertise, and there is the way of doing, our culture.

From the start, we aligned ourselves to make this adventure an experience in a rather unique spirit.