Our Team

We are engineers
and entrepreneurs

We love beautiful pictures and pixels

We are experts in our field

But above all, our passion has become our job.

The purpose of pixfield is to be able to share image expertise with as many people as possible, through our softwares and professional services.

The image field is our passion, where our expertise acquired over many decades will be able to express itself the best.

We also believe that we can create an excellent balance between the company and its employees, based on strong shared values.

And our values, here there are.

  • Honesty
  • Joy
  • Freedom
  • Team spirit
  • EfficiencY

And now, how do you want us to introduce ourselves ?

  • Repeat Entrepreneur
  • Mines de Nancy
  • Owns a hundred or so geek t-shirts
  • Create visual products that people love
  • No, try not. Do or do not, there is no try
  • Solution builder
  • Computer Vision PhD
  • Willow is small for an Nelwyn
  • Keep on learning
  • If there is no solution, there is no problem
  • Developer debugger
  • 1 bug, 2 weeks, 2 engineers… hard but this is how we learn 😉
  • Discuss different options for solving an issue, and of course, solving it!
  • If your only tool is a hammer, you’ll treat all your problems like nails
  • I’m a repeat Entrepreneur that owns a hundred or so geek t-shirts. I love to create visual products that people love.
  • I’m a solution builder that thinks Willow is small for a Nelwyn. I love to keep on learning.
  • I’m a developer debugger that thinks 1 bug, 2 weeks, 2 enginners … is hard but this is how we learn 🙂 I love to discuss different options for solving an issue, and of course, solving it !

IT’s obvious, all that’s missing is you…

You can propose …